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About La Escuelita Arcoiris


Our History

La Escuelita Arcoiris began in September of 1999 in the home of founder, Megan Rooney. Her goal was to share with her community the benefits of second-language learning at an early age. She began with five children in addition to her own and has grown the program to be a five-classroom school involving over 60 families comprised of mixed ages preschool and pre-kindergarten classes, after school programs and summer camp.​Through its mission and core programs, La Escuelita Arcoiris provides the greater Pittsburgh community with a unique and important educational and cultural resource that improves and enhances the lives of young children.

La Escuelita: A Culture of Creativity, Diversity, and Inclusion

At La Escuelita Arcoiris, diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of who we are and what we do. Our commitment is to provide a nurturing early childhood education program that honors both the individuality of each student, as well as the diversity of our families and the greater community. These values are central to our mission and our impact.  

Our Approach

Calculated risk

Children are curious and inquisitive. They naturally gravitate towards forms of risky play. We facilitate this so children are able to acquire motor skills, coordination, and explore their limits in a supervised, safe environment.

Nature-based curriculum

Our curriculum is both outdoor and play-based, which means we are outside every day. Whether rain, snow, or shine, playing outdoors allows children to learn about and nature and fosters a connection to their environment and their community in a vary of sensory and hands-on methods. On a daily basis, we walk to parks, play in the jardín de colores and the playground, where students can jump, run, explore, and invent games

Emergent Curriculum

We provide a framework within which children explore, participate and communicate their needs, keeping a balance between child-inspired and adult-guided activities. We instill a trust in our students, encouraging them to participate fully in the activities of their school. They respond by exhibiting confidence and a sense of contribution that stays with them as they grow.

Intentional teaching

Intentional teaching truly functions on being adaptable, flexible, and observant. Our teachers embody this skill by being open and creating profound experiences for the children in the moment. This allows the teacher and the student to create their own learning experiences, based on interest and environment.

Creative problem solving

Creativity is given a place of honor in our program. Exploring freely with art materials, dancing, singing, story telling, and problem solving are all encouraged and nurtured. We seek out materials that are open-ended and allow children the chance to explore and interpret as they choose.

Spanish Immersion

Immersion is an exciting and powerful experience for anyone, but especially for vital young minds open to thinking and speaking. By providing a warm, engaging environment where preschooland kindergarten children play, learn, and interact in Spanish, we foster the development of a second language without the formal trials and tedious effort of traditional language studies.

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