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Volcano Science Experience

This morning the students were very engaged playing at the water table. Julian, Claire,Elinor: We observed how they spend a peacefully time the conversation was: Julian: "We love blue, my hands are blue." Elinor: "Shark sometimes fly" "Let's fill up the shark for the babies" "this shark loves drinking water, he drinks a lot of water in a day."

Fiona joined the small group at the water table and said: "If we pull this all the water will come out and la Escuelita will bee full of water and we will have to swim with the fishes." Julian comments: "It's small space for the dolphin when we put our hands in they turn."

Fiona, Gemma, Elinor and Claire were the small group to make volcano experiment : Comments: "It's turning yellow" Claire: "the volcano are amarillo and orange." Gemma and Fiona: "Bubbles we love bubbles."

The educator asked Julian and Escher What is a volcano: Escher said: "It's something with the fire under it." Julian complement saying: "The fires turn into lava and it's spilling out." The other question was, what do you think the vinegar does? Julian answered: "something that make it fuzz."

The students were very curious with this science experience. With joy! they said "It's very cool"

In our CITA this morning we talked about our emotions and Fiona presented a book to have a conversation about sharing with our friends, also we express how we feel today. Gemma said: "I am happy because her dog has a red collar with flowers and bones on it." Julian was happy because his susan is celebrating her birthday and is a Peter rabbit in his yard. Fiona was happy because she found her carebear book. Elionor is happy grandmother is coming to visit.

Augustus, Deji and Escher were very engaged playing together at the firetruck at Hobart Park.

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