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Talking to Ronan! And a Picnic and Paw prints in Frick Park

Hola familias,

This morning Flores were counting blocks and playing with orbees and star ice cubes at the sensory table. Alice said, "It's frio! Quiero estrella." Then in cita we talked about how important it is to respect each other's space and use our words. We can say "Quiero espacio" I want space, "Quiero un turno por favor," I want a turn please, and "No me gusta," I don't like that.

We also continued singing "El cartero" about the mailman, since we have been making cards and talkign about mail this week. Everyone gets a turn to pick a card and do what it says.

The lyrics to El cartero:

Viene el cartero yo lo oigo por ahi

Trae una carta para ti o para i

Trae un mensaje para mi amigo _(their name)__

en la que le pide ___(what's on the card)___

Then we got to talk to Ronan and his mom and little sister in South Africa! Flores were all very excited to see him, and it seemed like Ronan was too! We sang Hola hola Ronan, and he wanted to show us the pool at his aunt's house, and we saw how it was hot there. Winston said his grandparents have a pool at their house and it was also hot. Alice noticed and said "A dog!" We told Ronan it was still cold and we had to put on snow pants. Ronan also showed us his wheelbarrow where he likes to work in their garden and his bike and little car. Ronan will be back with us at the end of next week.

Next we were off to Frick Park! It was a beautiful day, so we ate merienda outside at the picnic table. We ran down the big hill and went for a walk in the woods, listening to birds, finding sticks, crossing bridges, and finding dog, "bear," and deer pawprints. We counted the toes, and Maxa said, "I'm gonna dig it" using his stick. We also found a bird house that had fallen, and took turn looking inside. The educator asked if we could fit inside, and Michelle laughed and said "No!"

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