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Las Flores started the morning by being interested in their mailboxes. They put different colored gems inside and shook them to hear the noise it made. Mateo, Stella, Winston, and Weston were creating shapes with the rubber bands on the pegboards. Stella said, "I am making a rocket ship!" Mateo said, "Quiero mas ligas. Yo tengo tres."

Today Mateo, Winston, Stella, Michelle, and Maxa were preparing smoothies for merienda with strawberries and blueberries. Winston and Stella worked together to add water.

Joaquin, Weston, Alice, and Bastian went to the ballroom. There, they pretended to be superheroes, putting on different colored capes. Alice was interested in the flashlight. She said to Basti, "I will give you a turn." Joaquin and Weston pretended that they were flying with their capes.

Later on we went to Hobart Park and continued to read Loro Tico Tango, focusing on how a bird uses to use his words instead of his mouth or hands.

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