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Schenley Park: Learning how Germs can Travel

Today our objective was to give the children the opportunity to explore germs. We learned how germs can travel, and we made "Sneeze" paintings. We used a big piece of white paper, spray bottles with "verde and rojo." tempera colors. We introduced the experience first by pretending to sneeze without covering our mouth, and we ask the children what it looked and sounded like. We asked the students how far they think the sneeze traveled. Then we pretended to sneeze again covering up our mouth and we asked the students to compare the sneezes. Elinor explained that germs can travel onto the table and if Jacob is sitting there he is going to catch the germs. We also explained that not all germs are bad, but some germs can make us sick. Elinor mentioned to everyone in the group that: "We have to used soap to kill the bad germs because with only water they don't die." We explained why it is a good idea to cover up our mouth when we sneeze.

Augustus, Jacob, Elinor, Gemma, Cortez, Escher and Julian were preforming at the park they said: "This is a stage and we are going to sing songs."

The children found a pile of leaves and Gemma and Cortez said : "It's a leaf battle!"

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