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Painting with nature brush!!

In our art day, we began the morning mixing colors. Alvin , Sita, Eliot and Kenna were very interesting in how they could mix colors. At the first they were speculating what color they would get by mixing.

Today we worked in two small groups.

Fist group: Sita, Alvin , Damian, Eliot and Benny were working in the classroom painting with nature brush. Sita after using her paintbrush she wanted to feel the paint in her hands and arms.

Sita and Alvin showed his hand and Alvin said: "Mira mis manos, Sara, son guantes ". Both were very excited because they could paint until his arms.

the second group : Sammy, Nour, Solomon and Kenna were painting theirs wood structures and with nature brushes too.

After snack we had a time to make a video-call with Annie ( She is Colombia with her family ) to say hello, but al the end we had no luck , so we will try tomorrow.

Later we went for a walk toward Hobart Park. Nyyima, Sita and Nour were playing with a new friend in the park. During the way children were singing "Tiburon song". they love this song and we returned to sing in the circle time. During story time : "Mouse and the moon" Sara used some blocks to pretended to be a mouse, a rabbit, a duck and a squirrel. All of them were very concentrated .

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