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Measurement is used to observe and record information about the height,weight, length, or depth of people and things. "How tall am I?" Today our idea was to explore this concept and we used rulers to measured our bodies. Every student had the opportunity to see how tall they are. We used a big piece of paper to write down the height of each student. With this information  that we collected  today we will compare their height in May again. During our "CITA" we talked about how we feel today. Most of the students were "Feliz."  Xavier said "I am happy because I am going on a trip." Fiona told us she went to Boston in an airplane. Escher said : "I love airplanes but trains too. Is like people are dinosaurs." Kipling said: "I am excited because my birthday is soon. I am going to be six."  After our time outside in Hobart park we introduced the felt story Ferdinando,  Jacob said: "I saw that movie and Ferdinando loves flores."

Time outside!

Blocks and Magnets

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