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Learning about "Jaguars"

As you know , since last two week we talked about aquatic animals. Educators asked all kids : "What animals live in the water? ". Sammy answered that Jaguars live in the water. Educators began to think that we have an interesting topic for investigating.

Today Estrellitas began painting jaguars with water color in the garden. Kenna, Sita and Eliot chose one animal of the family of this felines animals. Even they tried to write the word "Jaguar" in theirs pictures.

They also balanced theirs body over the wheels.

Sammy, Benny and Solomon worked like a true workteam.

Damian, Alvin, Nour and Sita were cooking for a long time. They cooked a pizza. After Alvin said :"Esto es chocolate". Damian and Alvin sat to drink a delicious chocolate.

Later we entered to class to have snack. Franco, Alvin and Damian prepared the snack table for their friends. They had rice and apple.When we were ready we went for a walk around our neighborhood.

To continue with our day's topic , las estrellitas watched two videos about where the jaguars live and how they hunt inside of the water. We learnt about they live in the amazon jungle. They love swim and spent swimming to hunt. They are they are night hunters and eat a variety of animals: turtles, alligators, birds, fish, snakes,etc. It was very interesting to observe where their imagination and thoughts take them.

Gracias , Sammy to share your knowledge with us!! We learnt too much today about Jaguars.

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