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Frick Park!

Las Flores started the morning decorating their mailboxes. Michelle was very concentrated in giving her mailbox lots of colors. In the meantime, Winston, Weston, Alice, and Stella made letters for Ronan.

During the cita, las Flores sang "Hola Hola Amiguitos," "Vengan a Ver Mi Granja," "Maque Maque Tu Metata," We talked about using our words and asked the children "Para que son las manos?" Winston said, "For high-fiving!" Stella said, "dar un abrazo." After the cita, we got ourselves ready to go to the bosque. There, we ate merienda. Once we started exploring, a teacher asked the students, "Cuales son las senales para saber cuando llegara la primavera? (What are some signs that tell us when spring is coming?)" Winston said, "Las mariposas." Stella said, "Las flores."

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