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Educators set up a table provocation with Flowers and paint, when students arrived to the classroom they chose a color and start drawing. They have different materials to paint like : brushes, stick or plastic also, They used their finger to paint. With this kind of activity children learn how colors works, especially, mixing colors.

In our way to the Bosque, Educators asked to the children to look for flowers, which colors they were, and why they think, they can see flowers now and not before. Charlotte said:" because spring". They had a great time playing and exploring in Nature.

Today we went for a walk around Escuelita, students found a yellow flower, and they stopped to watch the flower and talked about the story "un dia feliz.

La historia de esta semana se llama" un dia feliz" is about animals that are happy to see flowers again. (spring) UN DIA FELIZ: Julian helped with this story.

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