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Building Bridges, Dramatic Play in the Gym and Jardin

Hola familias,

This morning in the gym Alice and Michelle were building a bridge using giant hollow blocks, and then taking turns balancing and jumping off. Later Winston, Alice, and Michelle engaged in dramatic play of rocket ships and then dogs. Other friends like Weston and Bastian arrived and joined them in their play.

During morning meeting we looked at felt faces with all different emotions, and talked about who felt each of these emotions. Maxa said he felt "Triste" today because he missed his mom. His friends empathized with him and shared their experiences. Winston said that, "My mom went to another school far away on a plane and I missed her." Alice said her dad was also not at home right now. Soon after this Maxa said he was now "feliz."

We continued our conversation in cita about how important it is to use our words. Julia and Leila acted out an example of being frustrated, breathing, and saying "No me gusta," and the children then all repeated this phrase. Weston said, "When Kenna did something I didn't like I said no me gusta." Flores were all doing a great job using their words today.

Then since it was a beautiful day we wanted to spend a lot of time playing in the jardin. Bastian and Alice were cooking with Deji from Lunas. Winston, Alice, Maxa, and Weston were making a sidewalk. Winston said "You have to go around!" Stella was making fossils part of her sidewalk. After a short walk around the block, we read "El Loro Tico Tango" about a bird who learns to use his words to ask for fruit from his friends, and changed our weekly classroom jobs.

Hasta mañana!

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