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Arte: Painting Rocket Ships and Making Astronaut Helmets

Hola famlias,

Feliz lunes! This morning during free play Flores were playing with cars in sand, as well as helping to make popcorn for la merienda, and playing doctor. Flores such as Mateo and Bastian were doing a fine motor activity sorting beads using tongs. Then after cita one small group created helmets like astronauts use in outer space, and another went to el estudio to paint their wooden rocket ships. Be sure to check out the ongoing documentation in progress in our classroom!

After la merienda we went for a walk around the block, saw some signs of spring, and spent a lot of time climbing and jumping off a wall, building their body balance skills and self-confidence to jump off by themselves. Then we went to the jardin for a little while where some played hide and go seek (Stella and Winston), played with trucks (Bastian and Mateo), and poured rocks in boats (Joaquin and Alice.) Finally, this week's story is "Cuando Llegará La Primavera?"

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